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Regulation of CaMKII by phospho-Thr253 or phospho-Thr286 sensitive targeting alters cellular function.

Kathryn A Skelding, Tatsuo Suzuki, Sarah Gordon, Jing Xue, Nicole M Verrills, Phillip W Dickson, John AP Rostas

Cell Signal | Published : 2010


Calcium/calmodulin-stimulated protein kinase II (CaMKII) is an important mediator of synaptic function that is regulated by multi-site phosphorylation and targeting through interactions with proteins. A new phosphorylation site at Thr253 has been identified in vivo, that does not alter CaMKII activity, but does alter CaMKII function through interactions with binding proteins. To identify these proteins, as well as to examine the specific effects following Thr253 or Thr286 phosphorylation on these interactions, we developed an in vitro overlay binding assay. We demonstrated that the interaction between CaMKII and its binding proteins was altered by the phosphorylation state of both the CaMKII..

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