Journal article

Determining the initial predictive validity of the lifelong physical activity skills battery

RM Hulteen, LM Barnett, PJ Morgan, LE Robinson, CJ Barton, BH Wrotniak, DR Lubans

Journal of Motor Learning and Development | Published : 2018


Participation in lifelong physical activities, such as yoga, golf, tennis, or running, are common endeavors in adolescence and adulthood. However, there is a lack of understanding of how competent individuals are in the skills needed for these activities and how competency in these skills relates to physical activity and fitness. This study aimed to determine the initial predictive validity of the Lifelong Physical Activity Skills Battery related to physical activity and health-related fitness. One-hundred and nine adolescents from four schools (55 males, 54 females; Mage = 15.82 years, SD = 0.37 years) completed: demographic information (survey), height (stadiometer), weight (digital scale)..

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