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Choline administration attenuates aspects of the dystrophic pathology in mdx mice

FM Alves, MK Caldow, J Trieu, T Naim, MK Montgomery, MJ Watt, GS Lynch, R Koopman

Clinical Nutrition Experimental | Published : 2019


Background & aims: Dystrophic muscle fibres are fragile and prone to breakage, leading to impaired Ca 2+ homeostasis and excessive inflammation, resulting in muscle wasting and weakness. Choline, an essential water-soluble nutrient, is involved in multiple biological processes, including modulation of inflammation and oxidative stress. We tested the hypothesis that choline supplementation would ameliorate the dystrophic pathology in mdx mice. Methods: Three-week old male mdx mice (n = 40) were fed control purified laboratory chow (CON; n = 20) or a choline-enriched diet (5 g/kg choline; CHL, n = 20) for four weeks. Rotarod performance, grip strength and running (wheel) distance were assessed..

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