Journal article

Harnessing synergies at the interface of public health and the security sector

Nicholas Thomson, Mason Littlejohn, Steffanie A Strathdee, Richard F South, Benjamin Coghlan, Jeffrey V Rosenfeld, Alison P Galvani



Funding Acknowledgements

NT coordinated the Lancet Series on security and global health and is a coauthor on both Series papers. NT's work on the Series was supported by an International AIDS Society-National Institute on Drug Abuse fellowship undertaken at the Centre for Public Health and Human Rights, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. SAS, RFS, and APG helped coordinate the Lancet Series on security and global health supporting NT. ML was a research assistant working with NT on the Series. JVR works in an advisory capacity to NT through this role as an advisory board member to the Security and Health Executive Leadership Institute. BC receives research salary support from the NHMRC funded Centre for Research Excellence Integrated Systems for Epidemic Response. We declare no other competing interests.