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Endometrial resection and ablation techniques for heavy menstrual bleeding.

Magdalena Bofill Rodriguez, Anne Lethaby, Mihaela Grigore, Julie Brown, Martha Hickey, Cindy Farquhar

Cochrane Database Syst Rev | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is a significant health problem in premenopausal women; it can reduce their quality of life and can cause social disruption and physical problems such as iron deficiency anaemia. First-line treatment has traditionally consisted of medical therapy (hormonal and non-hormonal), but this is not always successful in reducing menstrual bleeding to acceptable levels. Hysterectomy is a definitive treatment, but it is more costly and carries some risk. Endometrial ablation may be an alternative to hysterectomy that preserves the uterus. Many techniques have been developed to 'ablate' (remove) the lining of the endometrium. First-generation techniques require..

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