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Children, Parental Alcohol Consumption, and Intimate Partner Violence: A Multicountry Analysis by Perpetration Versus Victimization and Sex.

Kathryn Graham, Sharon Bernards, Anne-Marie Laslett, Gerhard Gmel, Sandra Kuntsche, Sharon Wilsnack, Kim Bloomfield, Ulrike Grittner, Angela Taft, Ingrid Wilson, Samantha Wells

J Interpers Violence | Published : 2021


Both living with children and alcohol consumption are positively associated with intimate partner violence (IPV). We assessed their combined relationship with physical IPV (P-IPV) victimization and perpetration, and explored possible moderating roles of sex and culture. Data included 15 surveys of 13,716 men and 17,832 women in 14 countries from the GENACIS (Gender, Alcohol, and Culture: An International Study) collaboration. P-IPV was measured as victim of physical aggression by an intimate partner (Vic-Only), perpetrator of physical aggression toward a partner (Perp-Only), or both victim and perpetrator (i.e., bidirectional) (Bi-Dir). Participants reported whether they lived with children ..

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