Journal article

Comprehensive antibiotic-linked mutation assessment by Resistance Mutation Sequencing (RM-seq)

Romain Guérillot, Lucy Li, Sarah Baines, Brian Howden, Mark Schultz, Torsten Seemann, Ian Monk, Sacha Pidot, Wei Gao, Stefano Giulieri, Anders Gonçalves da Silva, Anthony D’Agata, Takehiro Tomita, Anton Peleg, Timothy Stinear, Benjamin Howden

Published : 2018


ABSTRACT Acquired mutations are a major mechanism of bacterial antibiotic resistance generation and dissemination, and can arise during treatment of infections. Early detection of sub-populations of resistant bacteria harbouring defined resistance mutations could prevent inappropriate antibiotic prescription. Here we present RM-seq, a new amplicon-based DNA sequencing workflow based on single molecule barcoding coupled with deep-sequencing that enables the high-throughput characterisation and sensitive detection of resistance mutations from complex mixed populations of bacteria. We show that RM-seq reduces both background sequencing noise and PCR amplification bias and allows highly sensitiv..

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