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Diversity in spatial language within communities: the interplay of culture, language and landscape in representations of space

Bill Palmer, Alice Gaby, J Lum, Jonathan Schlossberg, S Winter (ed.), A Griffin (ed.), M Sester (ed.)

LIPIcs : Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics | Dagstuhl | Published : 2018


Significant diversity exists in the way languages structure spatial reference, and this has been shown to correlate with diversity in non-linguistic spatial behaviour. However, most research in spatial language has focused on diversity between languages: on which spatial referential strategies are represented in the grammar, and to a lesser extent which of these strategies are preferred overall in a given language. However, comparing languages as a whole and treating each language as a single data point provides a very partial picture of linguistic spatial behaviour, failing to recognise the very significant diversity that exists within languages, a largely underinvestigated but now emerging..

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