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Continuous Versus Intermittent Vancomycin Infusions in Infants: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Amanda Gwee, Noel Cranswick, Brendan McMullan, Elizabeth Perkins, Srinivas Bolisetty, Kaya Gardiner, Andrew Daley, Meredith Ward, Roberto Chiletti, Susan Donath, Rodney Hunt, Nigel Curtis



BACKGROUND: In adults, continuous infusions of vancomycin (CIV) are associated with earlier attainment of target drug concentrations, require fewer blood samples for monitoring, and may reduce drug toxicity. We aimed to determine, in young infants, if CIV or intermittent infusions of vancomycin (IIV) better achieves target vancomycin concentrations at the first steady-state level and to compare the frequency of drug-related adverse effects. METHODS: In a multicenter randomized controlled trial in 2 tertiary neonatal units over a 40-month period, young infants aged 0 to 90 days requiring vancomycin therapy for at least 48 hours were randomly assigned to CIV and IIV. RESULTS: Of 111 infants ra..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship

Funding Acknowledgements

Funded by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Dr Gwee received the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Basser Research Entry Scholarship and the National Health and Medical Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (GNT1150216).