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From sensory circumventricular organs to cerebral cortex: Neural pathways controlling thirst and hunger

Michael J McKinley, Derek A Denton, Philip J Ryan, Song T Yao, Aneta Stefanidis, Brian J Oldfield



Much progress has been made during the past 30 years with respect to elucidating the neural and endocrine pathways by which bodily needs for water and energy are brought to conscious awareness through the generation of thirst and hunger. One way that circulating hormones influence thirst and hunger is by acting on neurones within sensory circumventricular organs (CVOs). This is possible because the subfornical organ and organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis (OVLT), the sensory CVOs in the forebrain, and the area postrema in the hindbrain lack a normal blood-brain barrier such that neurones within them are exposed to blood-borne agents. The neural signals generated by hormonal action in..

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