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Aripiprazole compared with placebo for auditory verbal hallucinations in youth with borderline personality disorder: Protocol for the VERBATIM randomized controlled trial

Andrew M Chanen, Jennifer Betts, Henry Jackson, Patrick McGorry, Barnaby Nelson, Sue M Cotton, Cali Bartholomeusz, Martina Jovev, Aswin Ratheesh, Christopher Davey, Christos Pantelis, Louise McCutcheon, Shona Francey, Amit Bhaduri, Danielle Lowe, Victoria Rayner, Katherine Thompson

Early Intervention in Psychiatry | WILEY | Published : 2019


AIM: Up to half of patients with borderline personality disorder report auditory verbal hallucinations that are phenomenologically indistinguishable from those in schizophrenia, occur early in the course of the disorder, and are enduring, distressing and disabling. In clinical practice, this symptom is widely assumed to be unresponsive to treatment with antipsychotic medication and early intervention is rarely offered. The Verbal Experiences Response in Borderline personality disorder to Aripiprazole TrIal Medication (VERBATIM) study aims to be the first controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of conventional pharmacotherapy for this symptom in this patient group. METHOD: VERBATIM ..

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