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Cardiomyocyte transcription is controlled by combined MR and circadian clock signalling.

ELizabeth K Fletcher, Monica Kanki, James Morgan, David W Ray, Lea Delbridge, Peter James Fuller, Colin D Clyne, Morag J Young

J Endocrinol | Published : 2019


We previously identified a critical pathogenic role for MR activation in cardiomyocytes that included a potential interaction between the MR and the molecular circadian clock. While glucocorticoid regulation of the circadian clock is undisputed, MR interactions with circadian clock signalling are limited. We hypothesised that the MR influences cardiac circadian clock signalling, and vice versa. 10nM aldosterone or corticosterone regulated CRY 1, PER1, PER2 and ReverbA (NR1D1) gene expression patterns in H9c2 cells over 24hr. MR-dependent regulation of circadian gene promoters containing GREs and E-box sequences was established for CLOCK, Bmal, CRY 1 and CRY2, PER1 and PER2 and transcriptiona..

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Awarded by Medical Research Council

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