Original Creative Work - Musical Composition

Hurry Slowly

Andrea Meagher

Melbourne Recital Centre EMH | Published : 2018


New work commissioned by VCASS as part of Keller’s composer in residence 2018. Hurry Slowly is a 15’ piece for 10 musicians (violin, 2x trumpets, trombone, 2x guitars, piano, vibraphone/percussion, electric bass, drums) that involves notated and improvised elements. The piece was developed, workshopped, and composed during terms 1-3, culminating in a performance at the VCASS Gala concert Mythic (MRC Elizabeth Murdoch Hall, September), and at Spring Jazz (the Jazzlab, October). Hurry Slowly draws inspiration from Arvo Pärt’s Festina Lente (which can be translated to Hurry Slowly). Keller’s work depicts the struggle between the perceived need to hurry progress, advancement and maturation, ver..

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