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Minimizing activation of overlying axons with epiretinal stimulation: The role of fiber orientation and electrode configuration

Timothy Esler, Robert Kerr, Bahman Tahayori, David Grayden, Hamish Meffin, Anthony Burkitt

Published : 2018


A BSTRACT Objective: . Currently, a challenge in electrical stimulation of the retina is to excite only the cells lying directly under the electrode in the ganglion cell layer, while avoiding excitation of the axons that pass over the surface of the retina in the nerve fiber layer. Since these passing fibers may originate from distant regions of the ganglion cell layer. Stimulation of both target retinal ganglion cells and overlying axons results in irregular visual percepts, significantly limiting perceptual efficacy. This research explores how differences in fiber orientation between the nerve fiber layer and ganglion cell layer leads to differences in the activation of the axon initial ..

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