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X-Ray Properties of SPT-selected Galaxy Clusters at 0.2 < z < 1.5 Observed with XMM-Newton

Esra Bulbul, I-Non Chiu, Joseph J Mohr, Michael McDonald, Bradford Benson, Mark W Bautz, Matthew Bayliss, Lindsey Bleem, Mark Brodwin, Sebastian Bocquet, Raffaella Capasso, Joerg P Dietrich, Bill Forman, Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo, WL Holzapfel, Gourav Khullar, Matthias Klein, Ralph Kraft, Eric D Miller, Christian Reichardt Show all



We present measurements of the X-ray observables of the intracluster medium (ICM), including luminosity L X , ICM mass M ICM , emission-weighted mean temperature T X , and integrated pressure Y X , that are derived from XMM-Newton X-ray observations of a Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect (SZE) selected sample of 59 galaxy clusters from the South Pole Telescope SPT-SZ survey that span the redshift range 0.20 < z < 1.5. We constrain the best-fit power-law scaling relations between X-ray observables, redshift, and halo mass. The halo masses are estimated based on previously published SZE observable-to-mass scaling relations, calibrated using information that includes the halo mass function. Employing S..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank the anonymous referee and David Rapetti for helpful comments on the draft. We acknowledge the support by the DFG Cluster of Excellence "Origin and Structure of the Universe," the DLR award 50 OR 1205 that supported I. Chiu during his PhD project, and the Transregio program TR33 "The Dark Universe. "The South Pole Telescope is supported by the National Science Foundation through grant PLR-1248097. Partial support is also provided by the NSF Physics Frontier Center grant PHY-1125897 to the Kavli Institute of Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago, the Kavli Foundation, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation grant GBMF 947.