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Induction of ovulation and fertility in amenorrheic women by pulsatile low-dose gonadotropin-releasing hormone

DH Hurley, R Brian, K Outch, J Stockdale, A Fry, C Hackman, I Clarke, HG Burger

Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey | Published : 1984


In functional hypothalamic amenorrhea, anovulation is associated with low or apparently normal gonadotropin levels and normal prolactin levels, without evidence of structural pituitary or hypothalamic lesion. The demonstration of reduced LH pulsatility and inappropriately low FSH, despite normal or increased pituitary responsiveness to GnRH, suggests that the syndrome results from deficient hypothalamic secretion of GnRH. The aim of the present study was to develop a method of physiological GnRH replacement, using the safe and convenient subcutaneous route, in order to restore normal reproductive function in patients with clomiphene-unresponsive hypothalamic amenorrhea. The authors studied 1..

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