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Differential Effects of Acute and Chronic Estrogen Treatment on Thermogenic and Metabolic Pathways in Ovariectomized Sheep

Scott D Clarke, Iain J Clarke, Alexandra Rao, Roger G Evans, Belinda A Henry



Estrogen is protective against weight gain, but the underlying mechanisms are not fully elucidated. We sought to characterize the effects of estrogen on energy expenditure in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue in ovariectomized sheep. Temperature probes were implanted into sc (gluteal) and visceral (retroperitoneal) fat depots and skeletal muscle of the hind limb (vastus lateralis). Food was available from 1100-1600 h to entrain postprandial thermogenesis. We characterized the effects of single (50 μg estradiol benzoate, im) and repeated (25 μg estradiol-17β, iv) injections as well as chronic (3 × 3 cm estradiol-17β implants for 7 d) treatment on heat production. A single injection of estrog..

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