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Noradrenaline and dopamine regulation of prolactin secretion in sheep: role in prolactin homeostasis but not photoperiodism.

GA Lincoln, IJ Clarke

J Neuroendocrinol | Published : 2002


The role of noradrenaline (NA) and dopamine (DA) in the hypothalamic control of prolactin (PRL) secretion was investigated in hypothalamic intact (control) and hypothalamo-pituitary disconnected (HPD) Soay rams. The animals were exposed to alternating 16-weekly periods of short (8 L : 16D) and long days (16 L : 8D) to induce marked cyclical changes in PRL secretion in both groups (as demonstrated previously). Selective NA and DA receptor antagonists (dose: 1.2 micromol/kg) were administered under short days (low endogenous PRL secretion), and agonists (dose: 0.0012-0.12 micromol/kg) were administered under long days (high endogenous PRL secretion). The acute changes in blood PRL concentratio..

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