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Immunohistochemical characterization of localization of long-form leptin receptor (OB-Rb) in neurochemically defined cells in the ovine hypothalamus

J Iqbal, S Pompolo, T Murakami, E Grouzmann, T Sakurai, B Meister, IJ Clarke

BRAIN RESEARCH | ELSEVIER | Published : 2001


Leptin, a hormone secreted from the adipose tissue, is involved in the regulation of food intake and neuroendocrine function, by modulation of the expression and/or function of various neuropeptides in the hypothalamus. The long isoform (OB-Rb) is the major signaling form of the leptin receptor in the hypothalamus. We have used double-labeling immunohistochemistry to examine the extent of OB-Rb expression in neurochemically defined cell types in the ovine hypothalamus. OB-Rb-like immunoreactivity was widespread within cells localized to the periventricular, paraventricular, supraoptic, dorsomedial hypothalamic, ventromedial hypothalamic and arcuate nuclei, as well as the median eminence, per..

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