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Evidence that orexin-containing neurones provide direct input to gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurones in the ovine hypothalamus

J Iqbal, S Pompolo, T Sakurai, IJ Clarke



Orexins A and B (ORX) have been added recently to the growing list of neuropeptides implicated in feeding and drinking behaviour as well as neuroendocrine function. In the present study, we have used single and dual labelling immunohistochemistry and a rabbit polyclonal anti-orexin-A antibody, which recognizes both ORX A and B, to examine ORX pathways in the sheep hypothalamus. ORX immunoreactive cells were distributed in the dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus, lateral hypothalamic area, zona incerta and perifornical area; a few cells were also observed in the anterior hypothalamic area. In contrast to distribution in the rat brain, most of the ORX immunoreactive cells are localized to the dor..

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