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Corticotropin-release inhibitory factor Evidence for dual stimulatory and inhibitory hypothalamic regulation over adrenocorticotropin secretion and biosynthesis.

D Engler, JP Liu, IJ Clarke, JW Funder

Trends Endocrinol Metab | Published : 1994


The hypothalamus is currently thought to stimulate the synthesis and secretion of ACTH uniquely by secreting neuropeptides into the hypophysial-portal circulation, of which the most important are CRH and arginine vasopressin. However, analysis of the effects of pituitary isolation on the pituitary-adrenal axis in a variety of species suggests that the hypothalamus exerts both stimulatory and inhibitory regulation over ACTH secretion and POMC biosynthesis, and that the inhibitory control is dominant. Because none of the currently known inhibitory factors in the hypophysial-portal circulation consistently decreases basal ACTH secretion and POMC mRNA levels in normal anterior pituitary cells, i..

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