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A rescued dataset of sub-daily meteorological observations for Europe and the southern Mediterranean region, 1877-2012

Linden Ashcroft, Joan Ramon Coll, Alba Gilabert, Peter Domonkos, Manola Brunet, Enric Aguilar, Merce Castella, Javier Sigro, Ian Harris, Per Unden, Phil Jones



Sub-daily meteorological observations are needed for input to and assessment of high-resolution reanalysis products to improve understanding of weather and climate variability. While there are millions of such weather observations that have been collected by various organisations, many are yet to be transcribed into a useable format.Under the auspices of the Uncertainties in Ensembles of Regional ReAnalyses (UERRA) project, we describe the compilation and development of a digital dataset of 8.8 million meteorological observations of essential climate variables (ECVs) rescued across the European and southern Mediterranean region. By presenting the entire chain of data preparation, from the id..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Uncertainties in Ensembles of Regional ReAnalysis project (UERRA, SPAce grant )

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was undertaken as part of the Uncertainties in Ensembles of Regional ReAnalysis project (UERRA, SPAce grant number 607193). Many thanks to the UERRA digitisation team: Irene Lopez, David Azuara, Javier Paradinas, Antoni Domenech, Eulalia Pla, Ester Romero, Alba Robert, Jordi Tarrago, Carla Bonfill, Guillem Vandellos, Ruben Guerra, Aitor Avila, Adria Balart, Marc Martin, Ezequiel Cebrian, Pau Sabate and Anna Boque. We would like to thank the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services for searching their archives and sharing data sources, in particular Marc Prohom (MeteoCat), Frank Kaspar (DWD) and Matija Klan. car (SEA). We are also very grateful to Robert Dunn for his help with the use of the HadISD quality control code, Lynda Chambers and Blair Trewin for their feedback on earlier versions of the manuscript, and two anonymous reviewers whose comments greatly improved the final version of this paper.