Book Chapter

Valuing from Student’s Perspectives as a Lens to Understand Mathematics Learning: The Case of Hong Kong

T Barkatsas, HK Law, NY Wong, W Seah

Views and Beliefs in Mathematics Education: The Role of Beliefs in the Classroom | Springer International Publishing | Published : 2018


Values, as a culturally specific notion, have a vital role to play in classroom mathematics learning. In this chapter, we argue that valuing, especially from the student’s perspective, serves as a lens for us to better understand how they perform in mathematics learning. To develop such a lens, we investigated the componential structure of Hong Kong mathematics students by utilising a values questionnaire as a lens to better understand what the students find important in mathematics learning. A principal component analysis has been used in this study with the objective to interrogate the data. The analysis of the data led to the identification of nine components valued by Hong Kong students ..

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