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Selected alpha-pyrones from the plants Cryptocarya novoguineensis (Lauraceae) and Piper methysticum (Piperaceae) with activity against Haemonchus contortus in vitro

HMP Dilrukshi Herath, Sarah Preston, Abdul Jabbar, Jose Garcia-Bustos, Russell S Addison, Sasha Hayes, Topul Rali, Tao Wang, Anson Koehler, Bill CH Chang, Andreas Hofmann, Rohan A Davis, Robin B Gasser



Due to the widespread occurrence and spread of anthelmintic resistance, there is a need to develop new drugs against resistant parasitic nematodes of livestock animals. The Nobel Prize-winning discovery and development of the anti-parasitic drugs avermectin and artemisinin has renewed the interest in exploring natural products as anthelmintics. In the present study, we screened 7500 plant extracts for in vitro-activity against the barber's pole worm, Haemonchus contortus, a highly significant pathogen of ruminants. The anthelmintic extracts from two plants, Cryptocarya novoguineensis and Piper methysticum, were fractionated by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Subsequently, comp..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by the Australian Research Council, Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), Yourgene Bioscience and The University of Melbourne. Animal ethics approval (AEC no. 0707258) was granted by the University of Melbourne. We thank NatureBank ( for access to the natural product extract library and the Cryptocarya novoguineensis and Piper methysticum raw plant material. We are grateful to Compounds Australia ( for curating and shipping the NatureBank natural product extract library. We thank Dr Kaylene J. Simpson and Ms Karla J. Cowley at the Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Parkville, Victoria, for cytotoxicity testing - this Centre is supported by funding from the Australian Government's Education Investment Fund through the Super Science Initiative and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Foundation. Funding bodies played no role in the design of the study, collection, analysis or interpretation of data, or in the writing of the manuscript. The authors declare no conflict of interest.