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Isolation, Purification, Generation, and Culture of Osteocytes.

Jonathan H Gooi, Ling Yeong Chia, Christina Vrahnas, Natalie A Sims

Methods Mol Biol | Published : 2019


Osteocytes reside within bone matrix and produce both paracrine and endocrine factors that influence the skeleton and other tissues. Despite their abundance and physiological importance, osteocytes have been difficult to study in vitro because they are difficult to extract and purify, and do not retain their phenotype in standard culture conditions. However, new techniques for this purpose are emerging. This chapter will describe three methods we use to study osteocytes: (1) isolating and purifying primary osteocytes from murine bone, with and without hematopoietic-lineage depletion, (2) differentiating cultured osteoblasts (or osteoblast cell lines) until they reach a stage of osteocytic ge..

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