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Free air CO2 enrichment (FACE) improves water use efficiency and moderates drought effect on N-2 fixation of Pisum sativum L.

Shahnaj Parvin, Shihab Uddin, Glenn J Fitzgerald, Sabine Tausz-Posch, Roger Armstrong, Michael Tausz

PLANT AND SOIL | SPRINGER | Published : 2019


Background and aims: Legume N 2 fixation is highly sensitive to drought. Elevated [CO 2 ] (e[CO 2 ]) decreases stomatal conductance (g s ) and improves water use efficiency (WUE), which may result in soil water conservation and allow N 2 fixation to continue longer under drought. Using a Free-Air CO 2 Enrichment (FACE) approach, this study aimed to elucidate whether e[CO 2 ] improves N 2 fixation of Pisum sativum L. under drought. Methods: In a FACE system, plants were grown in ambient [CO 2 ] (~400 ppm) or e[CO 2 ] (~550 ppm) and subjected to either terminal drought or well-watered treatments. Measurements were taken of photosynthesis, soil water dynamics, water soluble carbohydrates (WSC),..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The SoilFACE facility was part of the Australian Grains Free Air CO<INF>2</INF> Enrichment (AGFACE) program, which was jointly run by Agriculture Victoria and the University of Melbourne with funding from the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Australian Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. We gratefully acknowledge Mahabubur Mollah (Agriculture Victoria) for operating the FACE technology and Sam Henty, Russel Argall, Mel Munn and other field team members for managing the field experiments. We are thankful to Shu Kee Lam for pre-submission review of the manuscript and useful comments, Maryse Bourgault for helpful suggestions during the experiment, Markus Low for assisting with statistical analysis using R and Samuel Poynter for stable isotope analysis using the platform of Trace Analysis for Chemical, Earth and Environmental Science (TrACEES, University of Melbourne). First author acknowledges support by a Melbourne International Research Scholarship.