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Integrated modelling of spatio-temporal variability in stream water quality across victorian catchments

D Guo, A Lintern, JA Webb, D Ryu, S Liu, AW Western

Proceedings of the 2018 Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium(HWRS 2018): Water Vision | Engineers Australia | Published : 2018


Degraded water quality in rivers and streams can have large economical, societal and ecological impacts. Stream water quality can be highly variable both over space and time, so understanding and modelling these spatio-temporal variabilities is critical to developing management and mitigation strategies to improve riverine water quality. However, there is currently limited capacity to model stream water quality due to the lack of understanding of the key factors driving spatio-temporal variability in water quality. To address this, a Bayesian hierarchical statistical model has been developed to describe the spatio-temporal variability in stream water quality across multiple catchments in the..

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