Journal article

Unarmoured dinoflagellates from Australian waters II. Genus Gyrodinium (Gymnodiniales, Dinophyceae)

Jacob Larsen



Eighteen species of unarmoured, marine dinoflagellates assignable to Gyrodinium Kofoid et Swezy 1921 were encountered during a survey of the flagellate flora near Melbourne, Australia, 1985-1986. Nine are previously undescribed. Species are described and illustrated by micrographs and drawings of live cells. Four of the new species, marked by (+) below, are phototrophic. The new species are: Gyrodinium acrotrochum (+), G. atractos, G. cladochroma (+), G. guttula, G. heterogrammum, G. impendens (+), G. leptogrammum, G. vesiculosum, G. zeta (+).

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Carlsberg Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

I thank Dr Rick Wetherbee, University of Melbourne for giving me that opportunity to participate in the Bass Strait phytoplankton flora project. Dr Tyge Christensen, University of Copenhagen, kindly prepared the Latin diagnoses. Karin G. Jensen prepared the line drawings and Lene Christiansen is acknowledged for technical assistance. Part of this work was supported financially by the Carlsberg Foundation grant 92-0263/20.