Journal article

Ensemble clustering in deterministic ensemble Kalman filters

Javier Amezcua, Kayo Ide, Craig H Bishop, Eugenia Kalnay

Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography | CO-ACTION PUBLISHING | Published : 2012

University of Melbourne Researchers


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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge two anonymous reviewers for their positive and constructive comments and suggestions that helped improve the quality of the manuscript. The support of NASA grants NNX07AM97G and NNX08AD40G, DOE grant DEFG0207ER64437, NOAA grant NA09OAR4310178 and ONR grants N000140910418 and N000141010557 are gratefully acknowledged. Craig H. Bishop acknowledges support from the Office of Naval Research grant with project element number 0602435N and document number N0001411WX20871.