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A prospective study of the incidence of drug-induced liver injury by the modern volatile anaesthetics sevoflurane and desflurane

Bridget Bishop, Nicholas Hannah, Adam Doyle, Francesco Amico, Brad Hockey, David Moore, Siddharth Sood, Alexandra Gorelik, Danny Liew, Dolores Njoku, Amanda Nicoll



BACKGROUND: Volatile anaesthetics are known to cause drug-induced liver injury, a hepatotoxic reaction characterised by antibodies to trifluoroacetylated lipid and protein adducts and cytochrome p450 2E1. The incidence of volatile anaesthetic drug-induced liver injury from older agents has been described, but modern agents have not been prospectively studied. AIM: To determine prospectively the incidence of volatile anaesthetic drug-induced liver injury from sevoflurane and desflurane. METHODS: Adult surgical patients with a predicted post-operative stay of at least 4 days were recruited. If volatile anaesthetic was administered, liver biochemistry was performed regularly. Medications, obser..

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