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Variability of allergens in commercial fish extracts for skin prick testing

Thimo Ruethers, Aya C Taki, Roni Nugraha, T Cao Truc, Martina Koeberl, Sandip D Kannath, Nicholas A Williamson, Sean O'Callaghan, Shuai Nie, Sam S Mehr, Dianne E Cannpbell, Andreas L Lopata

Allergy | WILEY | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Commercial allergen extracts for allergy skin prick testing (SPT) are widely used for diagnosing fish allergy. However, there is currently no regulatory requirement for standardization of protein and allergen content, potentially impacting the diagnostic reliability of SPTs. We therefore sought to analyse commercial fish extracts for the presence and concentration of fish proteins and in vitro IgE reactivity using serum from fish-allergic patients. METHODS: Twenty-six commercial fish extracts from five different manufacturers were examined. The protein concentrations were determined, protein compositions analysed by mass spectrometry, followed by SDS-PAGE and subsequent immunoblo..

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