Enhancing the knowledge of wood properties and processing characteristics of PNG timbers - Gluing characteristics of PNG timber species for various wood product applications

B Belleville, Kilva Lancelot, Elaine Galore, Johannes Ferhmann, Barbara Ozarska

Published : 2019


Gluing is considered one of the most important technologies in the production of value-added wood product. In the majority of wood products, both appearance (e.g. furniture, flooring) and structural (e.g. glue-laminated beams, plywood, LVL) timber elements are joined together into larger components through edge and surface laminating, finger jointing and other types of joints. In order to meet requirements and criteria for strength and performance of glued components and products a sound knowledge of gluing characteristics of PNG timbers is required. The present document presents the gluability behaviour of 24 species sourced from the Morobe and West New Britain provinces, Papua New Guinea. ..

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