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Evaluating auditory discrimination in infants using visual reinforcement infant speech discrimination (VRISD) and the acoustic change complex (ACC)

D Chisari, Robert Cowan, Theresa Ching, Bram van Dun, Vicky Zhang, Cara Wong, Fabrice Bardy, Mridula Sharma, Gary Rance, Julien Zanin, Trish Van Buynder, Lauren Burns, Laura Button, Nan Xu, Katherine Dermuth, Harvey Dillon

Journal of Hearing Science | Institute of Sensory Organs | Published : 2017


Objectives: The study's goal is to test 60 hearing-impaired and 30 normal-hearing infants, both with ACC and behavioural VRISD tests at an age of 3-12 months, and correlate these data with their language ability at 3 years of age. Material and methods: The ACC to 3 contrasts were recorded in the free field at 20 sones (65~70 dB SPL). The stimuli consisted of a spectral-ripple noise (SRN), sibilants /s-z/ and vowels /u-i/. In addition, a VRISD procedure was conducted using /s-sh/, /s-z/ and /u-i/. Results: ACC detection sensitivities in 43 hearing-impaired [22 normal-hearing] infants (90%). VRISD results were poor in both groups (<50% passed). Conclusions: These initial results indicate the A..

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