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Assessing the impact of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement on Australian and global medicines policy

Thomas Faunce, Evan Doran, David Henry, Peter Drahos, Andrew Searles, Brita Pekarsky, Warwick Neville



On 1 January 2005, a controversial trade agreement entered into force between Australia and the United States. Though heralded by the parties as facilitating the removal of barriers to free trade (in ways not achievable in multilateral fora), it also contained many trade-restricting intellectual property provisions and others uniquely related to altering pharmaceutical regulation and public health policy in Australia. The latter appear to have particularly focused on the world-respected process of federal government reimbursement after expert cost-effectiveness evaluation, popularly known as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme ('PBS'). It remains uncertain what sort of impacts--if any--the Au..

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Awarded by Australia Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The Impact of International Trade Agreements on the Regulation and Provision of Medicines in Australia' is a three-year study funded by the Australia Research Council's Discovery Grant (project DP0556635), the Australian National University and the University of Newcastle. The Chief Investigators are Dr Thomas Faunce (Project Director), Professor Peter Drahos and Professor David Henry. Australian Research Council funded PhD scholars under the Project are Andrew Searles and Warwick Neville.