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Role of MXD3 in proliferation of DAOY human medulloblastoma cells.

Gustavo A Barisone, Tin Ngo, Martin Tran, Daniel Cortes, Mehdi H Shahi, Tuong-Vi Nguyen, Daniel Perez-Lanza, Wanna Matayasuwan, Elva Díaz

PLoS One | Published : 2012


A subset of medulloblastomas, the most common brain tumor in children, is hypothesized to originate from granule neuron precursors (GNPs) in which the sonic hedgehog (SHH) pathway is over-activated. MXD3, a basic helix-look-helix zipper transcription factor of the MAD family, has been reported to be upregulated during postnatal cerebellar development and to promote GNP proliferation and MYCN expression. Mxd3 is upregulated in mouse models of medulloblastoma as well as in human medulloblastomas. Therefore, we hypothesize that MXD3 plays a role in the cellular events that lead to medulloblastoma biogenesis. In agreement with its proliferative role in GNPs, MXD3 knock-down in DAOY cells resulte..

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