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Gaussian Processes with Monotonicity Constraints for Preference Learning from Pairwise Comparisons

Robert Chin, Chris Manzie, Alex Ira, Dragan Nesic, Iman Shames

Proceedings of the ... IEEE Conference on Decision & Control / IEEE Control Systems Society. IEEE Conference on Decision & Control | IEEE | Published : 2018


In preference learning, it is beneficial to incorporate monotonicity constraints for learning utility functions when there is prior knowledge of monotonicity. We present a novel method for learning utility functions with monotonicity constraints using Gaussian process regression. Data is provided in the form of pairwise comparisons between items. Using conditions on monotonicity for the predictive function, an algorithm is proposed which uses the weighted average between prior linear and maximum a posteriori (MAP) utility estimates. This algorithm is formally shown to guarantee monotonicity of the learned utility function in the dimensions desired. The algorithm is tested in a Monte Carlo si..

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