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Secure Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Semi-Homomorphic Encryption

Yankai Lin, Farhad Farokhi, Iman Shames, Dragan Nesic

Proceedings of the ... IEEE Conference on Decision & Control / IEEE Control Systems Society. IEEE Conference on Decision & Control | IEEE | Published : 2018


A secure nonlinear networked control system (NCS) design using semi-homomorphic encryption, namely, Paillier encryption is studied. Under certain assumptions, control signal computation using encrypted signal directly is allowed by semi-homomorphic encryption. Thus, the security of the NCSs is further enhanced by concealing information on the controller side. However, additional technical difficulties in the design and analysis of NCSs are induced compared to standard NCSs. In this paper, the stabilization of a nonlinear discrete time NCS is considered. More specifically, sufficient conditions on the encryption parameters that guarantee stability of the NCS are provided, and a trade-off betw..

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