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A Robust Circle-criterion Observer-based Estimator for Discrete-time Nonlinear Systems in the Presence of Sensor Attacks

Tianci Yang, Carlos Murguia, Margreta Kuijper, Dragan Nesic

Proceedings of the 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control | IEEE | Published : 2018


We address the problem of robust state estimation and attack isolation for a class of discrete-time nonlinear systems with positive-slope nonlinearities under (potentially unbounded) sensor attacks and measurement noise. We consider the case when a subset of sensors is subject to additive false data injection attacks. Using a bank of circle-criterion observers, each observer leading to an Input-to-State Stable (ISS) estimation error, we propose a estimator that provides robust estimates of the system state in spite of sensor attacks and measurement noise; and an algorithm for detecting and isolating sensor attacks. Our results make use of the ISS property of the observers to check whether th..

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