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'Next Generation Youth Well-being Study:' understanding the health and social well-being trajectories of Australian Aboriginal adolescents aged 10-24 years: study protocol

Lina Gubhaju, Emily Banks, James Ward, Catherine D'Este, Rebecca Ivers, Robert Roseby, Peter Azzopardi, Anna Williamson, Catherine Chamberlain, Bette Liu, Cheri Hotu, Jacqueline Boyle, Bridgette McNamara, Sandra J Eades, Ricky Mentha, Roxanne Highfold, Jodi Lennox, Danielle Woods, Bronwyn Silver, Elizabeth Hillmann Show all



INTRODUCTION: Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander (hereafter referred to as 'Aboriginal') adolescents (10-24 years) experience multiple challenges to their health and well-being. However, limited evidence is available on factors influencing their health trajectories. Given the needs of this group, the young age profile of the Aboriginal population and the long-term implications of issues during adolescence, reliable longitudinal data are needed. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: The 'Next Generation: Youth Well-being Study' is a mixed-methods cohort study aiming to recruit 2250 Aboriginal adolescents aged 10-24 years from rural, remote and urban communities in Central Australia, Western ..

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