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Rapport-oriented vs. Stance-oriented Backchannel Sequences in ELF Interactions

J Mulder, Saya IKE

The Pragmatics Society of Japan | Published : 2018


Our ongoing study of backchannel (BC) behaviour by Japanese speakers of English-as-an-additional-language (JE) and Australian speakers of English-as-a-first-language (AuE) has identified differences in BC sequences (BC-Seqs)—BC instances involving more than one exchange of BCs (Ike, 2016, 2017a, 2017b; Ike & Mulder, 2016a, 2016b). Notably, extended BC-Seqs are frequent and predominately rapport-oriented in JE interactions, while they are relatively infrequent and more stance-oriented in AuE interactions (Ike & Mulder, 2016b). Focusing on how JE speakers negotiate their rapport-oriented BC behaviour and accommodate their expectations of extended BC-Seqs in interacting with AuE speakers, this ..

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