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Potential Country-level Health and Cost Impacts of Legalizing Domestic Sale of Vaporized Nicotine Products

Frederieke S Petrovic-van der Deen, Nick Wilson, Anna Cnothers, Christine L Cleghorn, Coral Gartner, Tony Blakely



BACKGROUND: The net impact on population health and health system costs of vaporized nicotine products is uncertain. We modeled, with uncertainty, the health and cost impacts of liberalizing the vaporized nicotine market for a high-income country, New Zealand (NZ). METHODS: We used a multistate life-table model of 16 tobacco-related diseases to simulate lifetime quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) and health system costs at a 0% discount rate. We incorporated transitions from never, former, and current smoker states to, and from, regularly using vaporized nicotine and literature estimates for relative risk of disease incidence for vaping compared with smoking. RESULTS: Compared with continua..

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