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Auto-scaling a Defence Application across the Cloud using Docker and Kubernetes

S Kho Lin, U Altaf, G Jayaputera, J Li, D Marques, D Meggyesy, S Sarwar, S Sharma, W Voorsluys, RO Sinnott, A Novak, V Nguyen, K Pash, A Sill (ed.), J Spillner (ed.)

IEEE | Published : 2018


The Australian Defence Forces (ADF) including the army, navy and air force often share resources. This is the case for helicopter training where the resources are often people, e.g. instructors. Understanding the current and future needs of the helicopter pilot training continuum is challenging. New students are continually entering the Defence services as trainees/cadets; passing or failing exams at specialist flying schools; progressing through or leaving the Defence services and potentially becoming trained pilots or instructors that can subsequently train future students. This continuum has an associated optimisation challenge. The ATHENA platform has been developed as a strategic discre..

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