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Prediction of Air Pollution through Machine Learning Approaches on the Cloud

Ziyue Guan, Richard O Sinnott, A Sill (ed.), J Spillner (ed.)

2018 IEEE/ACM 5th International Conference on Big Data Computing Applications and Technologies (BDCAT) | IEEE | Published : 2018


Prediction of pollution is an increasingly important problem. It can impact individuals and their health, e.g. asthma patients can be greatly affected by air pollution. Traditional air pollution prediction methods have limitations. Machine learning provides one approach that can offer new opportunities for prediction of air pollution. There are however many different machine learning approaches and identifying the best one for the problem at hand is often challenging. In this paper air pollution data, specifically particulate matter of less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) was collected from a variety of web-based resources and following, data cleansing analysed with different machine learning m..

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