Conference Proceedings

Deploying new technology in residential aged care: Staff members' perspectives

W Cavenett, S Baker, J Waycott, R Carrasco, E Robertson, F Vetere, R Hampson

Proceedings of the 30th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction | ACM | Published : 2018


Residential aged care facilities (RACFs) provide full-time, permanent care for older adults who are no longer able to live at home independently. In these facilities, new technology such as tablets, virtual reality, and social robots are increasingly being deployed with the aim of providing engaging and fun activities for residents. Although HCI research has examined the design and use of technology in aged care, there is limited understanding of the role staff members play in its deployment in RACFs. We interviewed five workers from one Australian RACF about new technology use within their facility. We found that its implementation was part of a complex, decision-making hierarchy in which i..

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