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The challenges in adopting assistive technologies in the workplace for people with visual impairments

H Wahidin, J Waycott, S Baker

Proceedings of the 30th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction | Association for Computing Machinery | Published : 2018


There are many barriers to employment for people with visual impairments. Assistive technologies (ATs), such as computer screen readers and enlarging software, are commonly used to help overcome employment barriers and enable people with visual impairments to contribute to, and participate in, the workforce. However, recent research suggests it can be difficult for people with visual impairments to effectively adopt and implement ATs in the workplace. This paper reports insights from interviews with five professional workers with visual impairments. The interviews revealed that each participant had adopted different configurations of ATs, which they used in various ways to support their work..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge Australia Awards that provided the first author with the scholarship for his master's degree. We would like to thank our participants for their time and valuable contributions.