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Are cardiac and vascular "amplifiers" both necessary for the development of hypertension?

PI Korner, A Bobik, JJ Angus

Kidney Int Suppl | Published : 1992


The vascular amplifier leads to enhancement of all resistance responses, from full dilatation to maximum constriction. The mechanism of resistance amplification is narrowing of the resistance vasculature, which is approximately constant at all levels of vasomotor tone. From the literature, the site of narrowing is localized to the small arteries and large arterioles. The narrowing at rest leads during constriction, to patchy reduction in blood flow in the microcirculation. The enhanced resistance responses of the vascular amplifier during constriction, increase blood pressure (BP) upstream, which minimizes the hemodynamic effects on the microcirculation and helps to maintain venous return. C..

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