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The zebrafish reference genome sequence and its relationship to the human genome.

Kerstin Howe, Matthew D Clark, Carlos F Torroja, James Torrance, Camille Berthelot, Matthieu Muffato, John E Collins, Sean Humphray, Karen McLaren, Lucy Matthews, Stuart McLaren, Ian Sealy, Mario Caccamo, Carol Churcher, Carol Scott, Jeffrey C Barrett, Romke Koch, Gerd-Jörg Rauch, Simon White, William Chow Show all

Nature | Published : 2013


Zebrafish have become a popular organism for the study of vertebrate gene function. The virtually transparent embryos of this species, and the ability to accelerate genetic studies by gene knockdown or overexpression, have led to the widespread use of zebrafish in the detailed investigation of vertebrate gene function and increasingly, the study of human genetic disease. However, for effective modelling of human genetic disease it is important to understand the extent to which zebrafish genes and gene structures are related to orthologous human genes. To examine this, we generated a high-quality sequence assembly of the zebrafish genome, made up of an overlapping set of completely sequenced ..

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