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Initial sequencing and comparative analysis of the mouse genome.

undefined Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium, Robert H Waterston, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Ewan Birney, Jane Rogers, Josep F Abril, Pankaj Agarwal, Richa Agarwala, Rachel Ainscough, Marina Alexandersson, Peter An, Stylianos E Antonarakis, John Attwood, Robert Baertsch, Jonathon Bailey, Karen Barlow, Stephan Beck, Eric Berry, Bruce Birren, Toby Bloom Show all

Nature | Published : 2002


The sequence of the mouse genome is a key informational tool for understanding the contents of the human genome and a key experimental tool for biomedical research. Here, we report the results of an international collaboration to produce a high-quality draft sequence of the mouse genome. We also present an initial comparative analysis of the mouse and human genomes, describing some of the insights that can be gleaned from the two sequences. We discuss topics including the analysis of the evolutionary forces shaping the size, structure and sequence of the genomes; the conservation of large-scale synteny across most of the genomes; the much lower extent of sequence orthology covering less than..

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