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The DNA sequence and comparative analysis of human chromosome 20.

P Deloukas, LH Matthews, J Ashurst, J Burton, JG Gilbert, M Jones, G Stavrides, JP Almeida, AK Babbage, CL Bagguley, J Bailey, KF Barlow, KN Bates, LM Beard, DM Beare, OP Beasley, CP Bird, SE Blakey, AM Bridgeman, AJ Brown Show all

Nature | Published : 2001


The finished sequence of human chromosome 20 comprises 59,187,298 base pairs (bp) and represents 99.4% of the euchromatic DNA. A single contig of 26 megabases (Mb) spans the entire short arm, and five contigs separated by gaps totalling 320 kb span the long arm of this metacentric chromosome. An additional 234,339 bp of sequence has been determined within the pericentromeric region of the long arm. We annotated 727 genes and 168 pseudogenes in the sequence. About 64% of these genes have a 5' and a 3' untranslated region and a complete open reading frame. Comparative analysis of the sequence of chromosome 20 to whole-genome shotgun-sequence data of two other vertebrates, the mouse Mus musculu..

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