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The DNA sequence of the human X chromosome.

Mark T Ross, Darren V Grafham, Alison J Coffey, Steven Scherer, Kirsten McLay, Donna Muzny, Matthias Platzer, Gareth R Howell, Christine Burrows, Christine P Bird, Adam Frankish, Frances L Lovell, Kevin L Howe, Jennifer L Ashurst, Robert S Fulton, Ralf Sudbrak, Gaiping Wen, Matthew C Jones, Matthew E Hurles, T Daniel Andrews Show all

Nature | Published : 2005


The human X chromosome has a unique biology that was shaped by its evolution as the sex chromosome shared by males and females. We have determined 99.3% of the euchromatic sequence of the X chromosome. Our analysis illustrates the autosomal origin of the mammalian sex chromosomes, the stepwise process that led to the progressive loss of recombination between X and Y, and the extent of subsequent degradation of the Y chromosome. LINE1 repeat elements cover one-third of the X chromosome, with a distribution that is consistent with their proposed role as way stations in the process of X-chromosome inactivation. We found 1,098 genes in the sequence, of which 99 encode proteins expressed in testi..

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